White goes with everything. So the crisp, white, UV-resistant finish and clean lines of aerofoil blades makes Open Coastal the right choice for both looking good and wearing well.

Whether indoor or outdoors, OpenShutters’ low maintenance, low cost range makes long term sense for both home and investment properties.

The long lifespan of exterior-grade vinyl and the quality of service help to complete the ideal home.

  • Available in Coastal white for interior or exterior installation
  • Exterior grade PVC, will not warp, chip or shrink
  • Moisture, termite and borer proof
  • Adjustable 90 or 115mm blades rotate a full 180º
  • Panels up to 1m wide and 2.6m high
  • Vinyl shutters are designed to remain in the opening
  • Low maintenance, easily removed for cleaning
  • Highly affordable – 10-30% less than cedar shutters