The differences between purchasing Australian made products and imported products aren’t always obvious at first glance. However, the decision to buy Australian made will often pay off in more ways than one. While the differences in physical quality may only show themselves after time, there are many benefits that Australian made products like OpenShutters can offer over cheaper competitors.  

Our OpenShutters are going to be longer lasting and better looking than cheaper imported shutter options, which don’t utilise top quality, solid Western Red Cedar, and don’t invest the time or money into keeping track of the chain of custody. 85 per cent of timberland in British Colombia, where most Western Red Cedar is grown, is certified by independent forest certification agencies – which means that you know your timber is being legally sourced from a sustainable forest.

Furthermore, being an Australian made product, OpenShutters will always be made to Australian standards and with the Australian climate in mind. Imported products may be fine for their country of origin’s climate, but many fail to consider Australia’s dramatic, frequently changing weather patterns and can age – or fail – much faster as a result.

Of course, there is also the added bonus of supporting local communities, and ensuring that top quality products can continue being produced. Australian owned and operated businesses like us are only ever a phone call away, should you need advice on a decision or any after Sales services, and consumers have additional peace of mind that their warranty is being provided by a local company, which has been operating for over twenty years and is here to stay.