Remember the first rule about buying shutters: Not all shutters are created equal.

OpenShutters advises new buyers to be inquisitive when doing a research on available market options in shutters. By asking the right questions, one can guard against possible rogue products and suppliers.

Over the years, several products have entered the market, claiming to be similar in quality and standards to OpenShutters products. Comparisons have been quite revealing.

Questions you should ask before buying your shutters:

Are the components cut from solid timber, as is the case with an OpenShutter?

Do you see offcuts joined together to give the impression of appearing solid?

Are there any signs of paint cracking (an indicator of instability in the timber beneath)?

How will the shutters be installed?

Will they function to your requirements?

How will you clean them?

In the event of damage, can the shutter be repaired immediately?

Shutters represent a major investment for many homeowners. OpenShutters advises and encourages customers to ask as many questions as possible in order to ensure they receive the maximum benefit from that investment.