Australia, get ready for a scorcher!

A long, hot summer is forecasted this year, particularly in southeast Queensland and northern New South Wales. According to a recent report, higher than normal maximum temperatures are expected, as evidence of the El Nino weather event is already preparing for its periodic visit - and he will be in fine form.

As dry, hot conditions are expected during the next three months, keeping cool and staying out of the sun will be of the utmost priority.

OpenShutters provide a wide range of popular brands of custom made window shutters, screens and window furnishings to keep the heat out and help maintain comfortable, stable room temperatures. Plus, you can control how much natural light you want in the room.

Shutters and screens that offer perfectly balanced form and function
There are various styles to choose from:

  • large aluminium louvre screens
  • Shoji inspired screens
  • bay windows
  • wooden shutters
  • privacy shutters
  • traditional shutters
  • shutters for windows and sliding doors
What's more, shutters - such as the Western Red Cedar - can increase the value and desirability of any home. According to OpenShutters, the value is increased by the benefits that Western Red Cedar (WRC) shutters offer.

Why? Simply put, WRC shutters look good and they improve the quality of life through their thermal qualities. OpenShutters found that the use of WRC timber materials insulate a home, improving heat loss by up to 47%.

This reduces a home's requirements for air conditioning, ultimately reducing power usage and energy bills. 

Shutters and screens also provide privacy, natural airflow and light control.