Understanding that not all rooms in a home are the same, OpenShutters have a new innovative shutter that is ideal for areas with high traffic including hallways and children’s bedrooms. These areas need shutters that can take a beating, and OpenShutters have the answer, the new Open Smart shutter.

Combining the benefits of a Western Red Cedar timber frame, the new Open Smart Shutter has impact resistant polymer blades, suitable for little bumps and thumps. Tough and durable, the Open Smart shutter is most suited to these high traffic areas. Easy to clean and maintain, the Open Smart shutter is the ideal choice in resilient shutters.
Using a polymer material, (similar to the impact resistant bumpers on a car) allows the blades to have a little give, yet offering a sturdy and tough surface. The Open Smart shutter not only offers the elegant look of timber shutters, it is also practical and affordable. Every home can now enjoy the beauty of shutters in every room.