OpenShutters  range of shutters include Ultimate shutters, Plantation shutters, Lite shutters, Coastal shutters, and Metal shutters.

Features of OPEN Ultimate shutters' include color match, fixed or movable blades, extra blade size options, exterior shutters, combination panels such as fixed and movable panels, no polystyrene, fake craft wood or composites are used. The shutters are made of western Red Cedar wood with no wood chipping material, virgin or rainforest timber and comes with deluxe fittings without any flimsy clip on parts. The Ultimate shutters can be either varnished or painted.

Plantation shutters also referred as Slim shutters are manufactured in panels not wider than 850mm with slim and flat aerofoil blades. Features of plantation shutters include panels that are up to 850mm wide and 2.6m high. The shutters are free of wood chipping material, virgin, and rainforest timber and no polystyrene, fake craft wood, flimsy clip-on parts, and composites are used. The shutters are available in Plantation White, Almond, Cream or Clear finishes, paint is non-toxic and UV resistant, and deluxe hinges and tracking systems.

Thermalite shutters are made of advanced polymer material. Features of thermalilte shutters include non-toxic smooth finish polymer, stable with extra finish of UV-resistant water based paint. Thermalite are moisture, termite and borer proof and fire retardant, and comes with adjustable 70 and 90mm wide aerofoil blades. The shutter panels are up to 900mm and 2.6m high with aluminum reinforcing and fully concealed tilt rod.