OpenShutters' Open Coastal shutters comes with UV-resistant finish aerofoil blades and are made of exterior-grade vinyl material. Other features of Coastal shutters include exterior grade PVC, resistance to warping, chipping, and shrinking. Coastal shutters are moisture, termite, and borer proof and comes with adjustable 90 and 115mm blades with a full rotation of 180 degrees. Coastal shutter panels are made of 1m wide and 2.6m high with easy removable shutters that requires minimal maintenance.

OpenShutters' Metel range are made of adjustable aluminum blades and solid brass key locks. The Metel shutters are ideal for pergolas and shading in gables. The Metel shutters comes with advanced coating technology for a lasting finish. The shutters also comes with stainless steel hinges and precision guides and stops. OPEN Metel also comes in flexible color matching.

Other features of Metel shutters include aluminum alloy, brass key locks, and adjustable 90 and 115mm aerofoil blades. The shutters panels can be made to fit into angled openings, with fixed blades. In addition to this, the Metel shutters also offers extra weather resistance and requires minimal maintenance and are available in Western Red Cedar powder coatings.