Made in Australia for Australian conditions, the OpenShutters collection of window shutters and louvres open up new indoor/outdoor possibilities. Available in timber or aluminium, they provide specifiers with the opportunity to extend the indoor living space into the veranda, patio, terrace, courtyard or backyard.

Apart from delivering flexibility, they also open up new possibilities in terms of thermal insulation, natural ventilation, energy savings, and light control. They provide specifiers with new ways to add to the green ratings of homes.

Architect’s Concept

OpenShutters’ collection of window shutters and louvres can be customised to individual needs. Architects intending to incorporate them face few limitations in terms of material, size, shape, blade profile, opening, colour or finish; and can feel unrestrained in their design pursuits.

They can feel free to explore indoor/living concepts; to invite nature ‘inside’ as they challenge the traditional concept of the house and offer new ways of living.

But shutters and louvres don’t just provide specifiers with creative potential. They can also maximise space for home owners and expand their lifestyle possibilities. They open up new ways of entertaining, playing, and relaxing.

Design Specification

Made from premium grade Western Red Cedar, the timber shutters and louvres are naturally strong, stable and durable. Characterised by low shrinkage and high resistance to warping, they also block harmful UV rays.

And, given that cedar is an excellent thermal insulator and effectively prevents heat transfer, they help reduce the need for air conditioning and improve the energy-efficiency of homes.

The aluminium products, on the other hand, are particularly recommended for exterior applications and marine environments. Available in anodised or powdercoat finishes, they are fade-resistant and weather proof. They can also be supplied to replicate a rich timber look.

Open offers its products in aluminium or timber in a multitude of combinations. However, specifiers are not restricted by the limitations faced when using mass-produced products. Any unusual dimensions of planned indoor/outdoor areas can be overcome by the use of bespoke non-standard sizes.

Prototyping and manufacturing

The next phase in specification process is prototyping. Once the architect decides on the size, shape, colour, and material for the new shutters or louvres, OpenShutters produces a prototype version.

Then, if all is OK and the product fits the design concept, the manufacturing process can begin. For 20 years, Open has made its products on the NSW Central Coast.

Western Red Cedar, which is grown on the western edge of the coastal mountains from southern Alaska to northern California, is used to make the timber shutters.

Forestry practices used in these forests are guided by the internationally recognised sustainable forest management system elements of ISO 14001, as part of the CSA Z809 Canadian national standard. As such, consumers can be confident of the sustainability of the Open Shutters collection of window shutters and louvres.

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