OpenShutters  have a range of shutters that after extensive research have proven to provide thermal benefits to homes. These shutters not only will keep the home warm in winter and cooler in summer, but they also take care of the environment.

Utilising the natural thermal properties of Western Red Cedar, OpenShutters manufacture shutters that can reduce heat transfer by up to 50%.

Reducing the transfer of heat in and out of the home, it translates to less power being used by the air conditioner and/or heating appliances reducing power bills.

The OpenShutters range extends to modern materials such as aluminium and several different polymers. This allows extending the living space to include the outdoors.

To take full advantage of reducing the carbon footprint, OpenShutters have developed design technologies that mean all doors, windows or openings in your home can be shuttered.

Home owners can now enjoy their beautiful views or relax in complete privacy, with the peace of mind that their new shutters are not only helping the environment, but assisting in keeping house power bills to a minimum. 

OpenShutters are manufactured and designed by Australians for the Australian lifestyle.