OpenShutters invested in a new 40kW solar power system to save money on energy costs at their factory and become more environment-friendly in their operations. OpenShutters is also re-investing the money saved on energy costs into research and development to help create even better shutters.

OpenShutters has made a sizable investment in solar power with the installation of over 100 solar panels at their 2800m² Central Coast factory. The 40kW solar power system will not only deliver lasting value to the company by powering their manufacturing operations but also provide ongoing environmental benefits.

OpenShutters had won the Energy Australia Innovation Award for Environmental Practice in 2004. Open continues to champion new ways to embed sustainability into their products; by manufacturing their products at their own factory in Australia, Open is able to control everything that goes into the production process ensuring long-lasting reliable quality.

Open gets their green credentials from sourcing cedar for their timber shutters from eco-managed sustainable forests, as well as a comprehensive waste management and recycling program, which sees timber shavings being sent to local sporting and farming operations, metal off-cuts recycled, and paint waste disposed of responsibly.

Open’s responsibly-made cedar shutters continue to repay savvy purchasers for years by lowering heating and cooling costs. Cedar shutters have an R value four times that of brick. Western Red Cedar is an excellent thermal insulator, regardless of its installation environment from domestic to commercial properties, far outperforming polymer, concrete or steel. In fact, cedar prevents heat transfer over 2,000 times more efficiently than aluminium.