Shutters are the most versatile window furnishing, with the ability to be fitted to windows and glass sliding doors, and can be fitted inside or outside. While the versatility of shutters provides architects and designers with almost unlimited design options, it can also make it difficult to specify the correct shutters for the desired application.

A new guide from the leaders in the design and manufacture of quality shutters, OpenShutters, provides architects and designers with a must have resource when specifying shutters.

With a variety of manufacturers and a huge number of importers here in Australia providing differing options and product quality, the wrong product can easily be specified, leaving the project with a shutter that is not fit for purpose.

The guide looks at the key considerations when specifying shutters, breaking down the pros and cons of the most popular shutter materials, styles and finishes and the suitable applications and functionality of each.

Architects and designers and provided with an insight into:


Shutters are available in a wide range of timbers, aluminium, composite woods and polymers, with material choice being largely dependent on design requirements, intended application and budget. The key characteristics, benefits and suitable applications for each material are provided.

Shutter functions:

Standard shutter movements include bi-folding, sliding, hinged, tracked bi-folding and fixed, with each movement explained as well as the important considerations surrounding hinges and hardware.

Installation types, design and shutter functionality:

With the installation type dictating the functionality of the shutter, it is important to consider the environment and how the shutter should work. Varying installation options are discussed with information also provided surrounding blade style and size.

The guide is now available for free download.

Click here to download ‘The Complete Guide to: Specifying Shutters’

Open Shutters has over twenty years’ experience manufacturing quality, custom made shutters. Open Shutter is an Australian owned manufacturer, with all shutters made at their factory on the Central Coast of New South Wales.