Designers and manufacturers of timber window shutters, OpenShutters , are well aware of the need for Australians to change their habits when it comes to heating and insulation in order to minimise the nations carbon foot print, while remaining comfortable.

Australians are a people who strive toward home ownership, and homes and buildings in this nation reflect a love of light, air and the outdoors, however in order to keep this openness issues with heat transfer and the subsequent use of air conditioning arise.

One way to change these habits and reduce the nation's carbon foot print is to look at the value of wood. Wood is a material remarkable for the complexity of its structure and the variety of its qualities. It is one of the few natural materials that is found almost ready for use, and it has significant ecological importance in the carbon cycle. Once the tree has been felled the material is easily fashioned into functional items, which will last for generations given the appropriate wood is used.

Beyond the obvious benefits of wood as a sustainable product is the importance of the insulation properties of this natural material. Wood already plays an important role in insulating walls and roof space, and the sun and wind are looked to as efficient means of heating water and powering buildings, however the need to insulate glass areas of buildings has been under-recognised. Heat transfer through glass is significant. Forward thinking designers and home owners have recognised the benefits offered by applying Western Red Cedar timber window shutters inside the glass, which can reduce heat transfer by up to 50%.

Timber window shutters have been touted over time as a fashion item but in truth their function and importance goes far beyond this. Anyone who has lived with these timber window shutters will know they help keep the heat out, or in colder climates keep the heat in. They allow windows and doors to be open for airflow, while protecting furnishings from fade. As a once off purchase in a buildings lifetime, timber window shutters are also a long term investment.

OpenShutters is an award-winning, family owned business, well positioned in the market to assist with any timber window shutter purchase. The manufacture facility in Australia is 100% focused on offering the best products and solutions for the Australian climate, architecture and lifestyle.