General maintenance will always be required in order to keep your house and its components in tip-top condition. For many aspects, that maintenance will typically involve a fresh coat of paint every now and then. With OpenShutters, it’s best practice to ensure you apply a strong undercoat or primer prior to painting, in order to prevent the tannin bleed that may occur with any timber products. A primer is also useful in order to bring out the true colour of the paint, unaffected by the natural surface colour beneath.

However, once past priming stage, painting can still prove to be a difficult task. Choosing the level of desired sheen – for any colour – is an important task, with glossy and semi-glossy sheens appearing brighter and reflecting more light; and is the preferred finish OpenShutters would recommend, as it provides increased durability and is less likely to break down.  Our skilled painters are also able to prepare matte finishes for a more dense appeareance, at the expense of scuffing more easily. Each paint has its own unique characteristics and deciding between them all will often come down to a mixture of personal preference, practical application and where the applied paint will be situated.

Furthermore, with the potentially infinite variations possible with paint colours and the subjectivity of experience based on conditions such as lighting, it can be hard to guarantee that one can of paint will be the same as the next, a few years down the track.

In fact, even something like “white” can have numerous interpretations.

Here at OpenShutters, we maintain longstanding relationships with our paint suppliers and take full advantage of their appropriate technical support in order to match colours for even the oldest jobs. However, we’re also open to testing customers’ preferred colours and finishes if deemed appropriate, removing any potential barriers towards achieving a desired look.