A major challenge that architects, designers and many more in the creative field continue to face is the problem of “we’ve always done it this way”.

There is always resistance when one is trying to bring fresh ideas to life. Surprisingly, it’s not the clients who lack the imagination to accept new ideas – in fact, they’re increasingly becoming more discerning and more receptive to bespoke solutions. OpenShutters believes the main challenge comes during the process of building and installing a new design concept, especially from joiners, manufacturers and tradespeople who aren’t prepared to collaborate. The “we’ve always done it this way” attitude stifles innovation and arrests creativity with suppliers quick to challenge and slow to contribute, and too few showing genuine enthusiasm for new ideas.

However, there is cause for hope: OpenShutters has been having a series of conversations with clients and the larger designer community about the benefits of Design Thinking in bringing new ideas to fruition. When it comes to louvers and shutters, designers are increasingly seeking new solutions, especially those whose clients are no longer just settling for off-the-shelf systems.

For instance, creative solutions are being sought by clients who want to divide spaces flexibly, create more fluid connections between the inside and out, and explore new ideas for defining outside spaces and managing privacy. Clients are also becoming more aware about the need for sustainability in material choices as well as natural ways of managing light and air.

Design Thinking is integral to Open’s business

OpenShutters has always listened to clients and explored with architects about lateral ways to solve design challenges. The company continues to invest in training and new technologies at their purpose-built manufacturing facility on the Central Coast. This investment in people and practices has enabled the evolution of a better range of products from OpenShutters.

OpenShutters has explored the properties of materials and their performance over time in interior and exterior applications, from different timber species to hundreds of fixtures and fittings – all towards creating a better product. 

Going beyond the supplier’s role, OpenShutters takes responsibility for the entire project extending from concept and prototyping, through manufacture to supervising installation, ensuring usability and longevity of the product for the end customer.

Local manufacturing has taken a hit over the past decade with the Australian market getting swamped by cheap mass-produced imported products. However, OpenShutters continues to maintain a value-adding relationship with uncompromising architects and designers who trust the company’s reputation for quality bespoke timber louvers, screens and shutters that are fit for purpose and long-lasting in function.

OpenShutters has built on these experiences over the decades to establish a Design Thinking culture. Living up to its name, the company is always open to new ideas – if there’s a new way sought to fill an opening, rest assured Open Shutters can bring the design concept to life.