The value of design thinking lies in its inherent flexibility; not restricted in any single approach to any number of problems. At OpenShutters, our product ranges on offer are always made to order, meaning that they can always be customised to your exact specifications. We understand the statement that shutters can make for the appearance and functionality of a house – inside and out – and so encourage the ability to explore different solutions that are unique to every individual project.

Regardless of application, design thinking excels at uncovering numerous viable options to a problem, often by simply reinterpreting or iterating upon standard elements. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel if the answers you need are right in front of you.

OpenShutters have been designing and making shutter solutions for the Australian market for over twenty years. Led by an experienced team of craftsmen, the products on offer at OpenShutters can be adapted to fit a number of different purposes besides environmental mediation – ranging from fake walls to room dividers, privacy solutions, and more. Furthermore, they can be made to fit any shaped opening, fixed or operable, even where others might say, “not possible”.

While operating within a certain set of parameters, how you apply them is the only limitation on the range of solutions achievable.  

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