For 20 years, OpenShutters has been designing and making shutters for Australian demands.

All OpenShutters’ products have the following benefits:

  • Custom made, custom designed to ensure a professional fit to the customers’ ideal needs
  • Additional choice in shutter styles – flexibility of a bigger range, interior and exterior
  • Additional care – fine-tuned proprietary construction techniques by master craftsmen
  • Mortice and tenon joints, really strong – others make do with dowel joints
  • Additional strength, only waterproof and heat resistant glues
  • Additional fine – sanded components to furniture grade, do not settle for a rough finish
  • Additional details – designed to minimise sharp corners for better paint coverage
  • Non-corrosive components – no steel pop rivets or shelf supports for blade pivots
  • Additional widths are possible – longer blades are reinforced against sag where needed
  • Leading edge manufacturing technology for consistency and accuracy
  • Panels designed to classic proportions
  • Proven interior paint system: developed by Open Shutters for UV protection and flexibility
  • Paint would not fade or yellow
  • Additional health benefit of paint being both an isocynate and lead free finish
  • Touch-up care kit available
  • Express order service available
  • The shutters are made by Australians for local conditions