The job of the architect is to provide the technical expertise to give a physical form to a client’s aspirations, hopes and ambitions. Unfortunately, all too often the design brief is restricted and creative concepts are compromised by a number of outside factors.

No truer is this than when it comes to shutters.

From materials to manufacturing, insulation to individuality, here are the top considerations when choosing shutters for ensuring the best outcome for yourself and your client.

Quality is key – With a large percentage of Australian companies having moved their manufacturing offshore, coupled with the rise of Chinese manufacturing, the shutter market in Australia has been flooded with cheap imported products.

While initial cost for these products is less, the inferior quality means maintenance or replacement is required much sooner, far exceeding the initial cost savings. Issues enforcing guarantees and warranties from these overseas manufacturers create further damage to reputations and add significant cost in the long run.

Investing in quality shutters give you the confidence of a high performing, long lasting product.

Australian weather can be harsh – Australia has some of the most unique weather conditions in the world, and as such, it is important that shutters have been designed with these conditions in mind, for assuring the best possible performance.

As large percentages of heat is lost and gained through windows, shutters play an important role in the thermal performance of a building, providing comfort and energy efficiency.

Quality timber shutters possess excellent thermal qualities, significantly outperforming other common shutter materials.

Stock-standard is no longer an option – No single project is ever the same, and no shutter solution should ever be the same.

Many retailers including blind and curtain shops as well as department stores have entered the shutter market, importing bulk shutters from overseas and selling on at an inflated price. These ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions provide very little room for clients and architects to create something unique.

Working with an experienced manufacturer of shutters can help you achieve the quality and individual style that would otherwise be impossible with cheaper imported products, with the expertise to provide bespoke solutions to the most imaginative ideas.