Onyx Solar has been contracted to supply their semi-transparent photovoltaic glass to the Somerset Development’s Bell Works Complex in Holmdel, New Jersey, USA. Onyx will supply 60,000 square feet (approximately 5574m²) of photovoltaic glass to help create the largest photovoltaic skylight in the world. The PV skylight will not only provide light to the interior of the complex but also generate sufficient electricity to power the building.

The project is part of the complete revitalisation of the two-million-square-foot former Bell Labs facility into an iconic mixed-use, innovative metroburb. Onyx Solar will fabricate 3,200 PV glass units to replace the existing glass, while maintaining the original aesthetics of the building.

The new photovoltaic skylight will not only naturally light up the building but also generate free and clean energy from the sun, balancing aesthetics, function and cost.

Onyx Solar Australia specialises in building integrated photovoltaic architectural solutions.

Image: Onyx Solar will manufacture photovoltaic glass for the largest PV skylight in the world