Ontera Modular Carpets Pty Ltd  is a leading manufacturer of modular carpet tiles designed for style, reliability and durability.

Nature is a traditional source of renewal, balance and inspiration. There is another image that inspires Ontera - the industrial landscape.

Beneath the harshness and grit of the industrial landscape lies beauty and openness made all the more apparent by the borders imposed by brick, steel and concrete. The beauty was there all along, waiting to be revealed.

Ontera reveals this beauty through modular flooring and a distinctive design language. The design innovation is evident in the new Envisions 'Isolation' cut pile modular carpets.

The modular carpets are available in a sophisticated palette of nine tonal colour combinations.

Ontera’s advanced digital dye injection technology has been used to produce highly innovative and original modular carpet designs. The result is a contemporary style of modular carpets that portrays the distinctive Ontera design language and a subtle textural quality that lasts.