Ontera – Milliken (Australia) Pty Ltd partnered with Wellington-based brand and design firm Cato to develop carpet tiles featuring the works of local artists.

Wellington International Airport was designed by Warren and Mahoney as a southern extension to the main terminal building to accommodate the increased passenger numbers in and out of Wellington City. Design highlights of the building include the large scale custom laminated structural timber frames, fitted in a cross hatched style pattern and the vibrant custom designed carpet tile artworks featured throughout the building’s interior.

Ontera collaborated with Cato to develop a main carpet tile design that connects the overall building’s floor layout. The carpet tile artworks incorporate the work of well-known Wellington artists such as Sam Broad, Timon Maxey, Rachael Gannaway and Catherine Griffiths, showcasing different perspectives and interpretations of Wellington through their eyes.

Ontera had the challenge of executing each artwork into a carpet tile design layout. Each artwork was split into multiple individual carpet tile designs in a grid format, similar to a jigsaw puzzle. Each individual section of the design was then technically prepared by Ontera’s design team based in Sydney with the pieces carefully put together to make up each larger artwork piece on installation.

Ontera Colourweave (Custom) was specified by Warren and Mahoney for the application.

Image: Photographer - Hicam, Cato Brand Partners, Paul McCredie