Ontera Modular Carpets have provided custom-made carpets for the fit-out of the Translational Research Institute (TRI) in Brisbane, Queensland.

BVN Donovan Hill architect Greg Lamb specified the use of Ontera’s custom-made Envisions product.

On the institute, Lamb says it is conceived as a series of interconnected places to enable a community of research.

Custom designed light fittings, carpet, ceiling panels and glazing graphic create a suite of graphic devices.

“The basis for the overall colour palette was found within the bricks from buildings formerly on the site. The circular shapes and forms represented in the graphic devices were suggested by impressions of biomedical research and are translated into the graphics present in the carpet and ceilings,” he says.

Larger ‘rugs’ within the carpet design showcase the lavender highlight colour, and emphasise the generous scale and proportion of the spaces.

Landmarks are formed to aid navigation and variance in scale for relief, Lamb says.