In September 2007 Choice Magazine tested 19 mid-priced ceiling fans (around the $200 - $700 price range).  They tested which ceiling fans would work best for both living room and bedroom environments.  These tests were based on they amount of air the ceiling fans move around a room and how quite they are.  

The key difference in testing for the living rooms and bedrooms was that a bedroom fan should be quite enough to let you get to sleep.  Choice Magazine measured the noise with the ceiling fan setting on the ‘low’ setting to correspond to use in a bedroom and on a ‘high’ setting to simulate living room use for faster and more efficient air circulation.  

The 19 fans tested had between one and five blades.  There was little difference in the performance of three versus four blade fans, but the worst performer was the single-bladed model.  Most of the fans tested had wooden blades, some had stainless-steel – neither of these materials had much impact on the performance.  However, the plastic ceiling fans rated   poorly. The wooden blades did tend to be quieter, making them more suitable for bedrooms.

The Hunter Vista ceiling fan with five wooden blades was the top scorer by a large margin.

“It’s quite and works extremely well in both a living room and a bedroom setting. It also has an integrated light.”  The Vista was among the easiest to assemble “because it has a locking system for attaching the blades, and clearer instructions.  It comes with a pull cord, or you can opt for a remote or wall switch.”  

The Hunter Carera ceiling fan with three wooden blades “is the cheapest of the four fans we recommend.  It is also very effective at moving air on its lowest setting and so is a particularly good choice for a bedroom.  … It comes with a pull cord but you can also choose a remote or a wall switch.”  

The six Hunter ceiling fans tested accounted for a total of 6 of the top 10 positions for overall performance.  Hunter ceiling fans also took the top 6 positions for use in the bedroom.   All Hunter ceiling fans are available to purchase online from Online Lighting .