Cool air – where you want it, when you want it – is available this summer with a brand new compact, portable air conditioner.

This clever appliance is actually three appliances in one – air conditioner, dehumidifier and heater. It also packs a real punch, producing 14000 BTUs of cooling power, almost twice as much as conventional models, and 1800W of heat.

The Omega OPA14SA portable air conditioner takes up less than half a square metre of floor space - measuring 480mm wide by 400mm deep and 840mm high – emits low noise levels and can efficiently cool a sunny room of about 50 square metres.

This portable air conditioner/heater operates in exactly the same way as a built-in reverse-cycle air condition – the appliance draws in hot, humid air from the room, removes the moisture and cools the air by passing it over its heat exchange coils. The moisture removed from the air can either be pumped outside via a four metre flexible hose and an integrated water pump or collected in a four litre capacity water tank to be emptied periodically.

The appliance can remove 2.7 litres of moisture per hour while the air flow volume – the amount of hot air that can be recycled into cool air - is 360 cubic metres per hour.

Both the air conditioning and heating modes of the OPA14SA are thermostatically controlled and can be set via the remote handset or the LED panel on the appliance.

The appliance should be positioned fairly close to a window to allow the four metre flexible water hose to be fed through the window to the outside. A window slider is supplied to ensure no warm air enters the room through the window.

Further benefits of the Omega portable air conditioner are its low noise emission – from a low 49dBA to 53dBA, depending on the setting selected – and its portability. Heavy duty casters enable the appliance to be conveniently wheeled from room to room say, from living areas during the day to the bedroom in the evening. It is also suitable for use in offices.