Now available from Omega Appliances, the Omega Altise Luxury Tower Fan is adaptable, versatile and functions as a cooling fan, ceramic heater and air purifier all in one fan appliance.

Standing at 1355mm high, the Omega Altise Luxury Tower Fan has slim, streamlined proportions that enhance the fan's distribution of cooling breezes or warm air currents, depending on the season.

The 2000W ceramic heating and 40W cooling elements on the Luxury Tower Fan work independently of each other and are operated by an LCD panel or remote control.

An electric thermostat delivers intelligent climate control whereby the Luxury Tower Fan automatically adjusts between high, medium and low speed depending on the room temperature. The in-built ionizer, for optional use, helps purify the air in the room.

There are two heat settings for winter and four fan, or 'wind', settings for warmer months.

The fan settings aim to emulate natural cooling breezes with the ‘sleep wind’ setting delivering a choice of three speeds, depending on room temperature, that gradually reduce over a period of time until the Luxury Tower Fan is switched off.

The ‘natural wind’ setting delivers a continually cycling breeze, from high through to medium and low, that distribute realistic cooling breezes. And with the fan's 360˚ oscillation feature, these breezes will reach every corner of the room.

Other attributes of the Luxury Tower Fan are its 12 hour timer with on/off pre set function, soft touch electronic controls, cleanable filters and small footprint for compact living spaces.

The Omega Altise Luxury Tower Fan comes in a storm grey finish with black trim, carries a two year replacement warranty and is available nationwide from Omega Appliance stockists.