Smeg’s new freestanding, semi-commercial, stainless steel cooker is available from Omega Appliances .

The CSA19ID stainless steel cooker is 90cm wide and features the classic Smeg all stainless steel exterior styling. The CSA19ID stainless steel cooker is also a fuel-efficient and a fast five zone induction cooktop.

The multi function oven of the CSA19ID features eight different baking and grilling modes – from fan forced, super fan and rotisserie to fan grill and classic convection cooking.

The induction cooktop is simply one, unadorned sheet of black ceramic glass that remains cool to the touch, even when all cooking zones are being used.

The benefits of induction cooking include:

  • Instant heat
  • Faster cooking times
  • More control over temperatures
  • No heat generated from the cooktop (only within the cooking vessel)
  • Far more efficiency in terms of fuel consumption
Basically, users will find the Smeg induction cooktop will heat a pan of water, for example, up to 2.5 times faster than gas; it will ensure a much cooler kitchen environment as there is no heat emitted from the hob. The Smeg induction cooktop will also deliver more accurate control (chocolate, for example, can be melted in a pan placed directly on the cooktop).

Other benefits include automatic pan recognition and power boost facility. The former means heat is only generated to the exact size of the pan in use – therefore there is no wasted energy consumption. In fact, independent tests have shown induction cooking to be 80-85% efficient, whereas conventional electric ceramic cooking is 65-70% efficient and gas up to 65%.

The power boost facility, meanwhile, enables the temperature of each cooking zone to be temporarily increased to even higher levels. Smeg induction cooking delivers high and fast temperatures and this facility is required when wanting to boil water rapidly or stir fry quickly and at extremely intense temperatures.

Safety controls of the Smeg induction cooktop include an automatic over-temperature shutdown, automatic spillage or boil-over shutdown, a lock selection and a residual heat indicator.

The oven of the CSA19ID features the unique thermoseal technology whereby the oven is completely sealed, preventing the escape of any heat. This makes for more succulent meat and fish while reducing both cooking times and temperatures required.

All Smeg induction cooktops are available nationally from specialist appliance outlets, electrical retailers and some department stores.