The new Smeg Linear PX140 gas burner, available from Omega Appliances , is a single, low profile sheet of frosted graphite glass that sits absolutely flush with the kitchen bench - above which, seemingly floating, rest slender, sculpted cast iron trivets on bright, red silicone feet.

The Smeg Linear PX140 gas burner is easy to use and clean. Users can remove the trivets to wipe any spillage. The control knobs are translucent polycarbonate and sit conveniently at the centre front of the appliance.

The Smeg PVA750 is a 74cm wide sheet of frosted graphite glass with five burners – a centrally placed ultra rapid of 5kW, a rapid, two auxiliary and one small burner. The PX140 is a bold configuration of four burners, side by side, on one continuous piece of 100cm wide stainless steel just 40cm from front to back. Ignition is automatic electronic and burners range from an ultra rapid to the left, a rapid to the right and two auxiliary in between.

Both models feature Smeg’s exclusive vertical flame technology which conserves energy by directing the flame vertically, unlike conventional burners whose flame is angled away from the pot thereby creating heat wastage. Each burner is compatible with natural gas and LPG.