Omega Appliances  provides the new Porsche K9995 rangehoods. Smeg has released a truly racy, high speed collection of rangehoods designed by F.A.Porsche called the K9995. Very powerful, very quiet and unique in its design, the K9995 is available in red, blue, black and matt aluminium.

A truly racy, high speed rangehood is about to enter the kitchens of Australia – under the Porsche banner.

Italian kitchen stylista, Smeg, has released the brand new F.A.Porsche range of rangehoods – curvaceous, eye-popping, very very powerful and in racing car red, blue, black and matt aluminium.

Apart from the sleek styling, the K9995 features state-of-the-art performance, unique materials and unsurpassed workmanship. The wall mounted body is an aluminium composite skin specifically designed to contribute to the silent operation of the appliance’s motor.

The appliance will remove more than 1000 cubic metres of air per hour (nett); it has a three-speed electronic push-button control with clean filter reminder; and inbuilt sensor technology that will detect steam and cooking vapours and automatically activate the appliance or, if already operating, accelerate air extraction when excessive heat or steam is detected.

The air refresh feature runs the extractor at low speed for 10 minutes every 50 minutes while the delay timer control automatically switches the appliance off 10 minutes after cooking has finished.

The K9995’s filter maintenance alarm will notify the time to clean the stainless steel/aluminium dishwasher-safe grease filters while the four halogen lights – with low and high setting – ensure shadow-free, true colour cooking.

The Porsche rangehoods, by Smeg, are 90cm wide and available nationally from specialist appliance retailers, electrical outlets and some department stores.