The uber cool finish for staying cool this summer is definitely silver. Take a look at Omega’s new collection of ceiling fans and that shiny or brushed metallic is certainly the dominant factor in a tantalising variety of options.

For those wishing to make an architectural statement there are the four-bladed Colorado and the five-bladed New Yorker ceiling fans.

The Colorado and the New Yorker both feature long, straight 130cm blade-sweeps in silver finish, a brushed chrome motor, an in-built light and are operated by remote control. In the same genre is the Boston ceiling fan – very sleek, very metallic but without the light.

The ultra-sophisticated Seattle ceiling fan, meanwhile, comprises three sabre-shaped silver blades with a 130cm blade-sweep, a brushed chrome motor, an in-built light and an LCD remote control.

For a totally avant-garde look check out the wonderful and highly efficient short-blade compact model 40629 – six voluptuously curved silver blades with a 75cm blade-sweep, a chrome motor, in-built light and LCD remote control.

And then there is the understated, unintrusive Tenessee ceiling fan - four silver blades (130cm blade-sweep), in-built light and brushed chrome motor. This model is manually operated from a wall-mounted control panel.

All Omega ceiling fans are noted for their reliability, durability and whisper-quiet performance. Motors carry a full seven year warranty.

Omega fans are available nationally from light and fan specialists and electrical retailers.