Ceramic heating is preferred by many for its instant heat and its cost efficiency while radiant heat is a perennial favourite for its warming, inviting glow.

Omega Appliances  has combined these two heating technologies in one compact appliance called Eurolux RC241.

Featuring a total of 2400 watts of fan-forced radiant and ceramic heat the Eurolux RC241, styled in a sleek silver frost and black housing, produces a powerful and effective 1000 watts of radiant heat, 1400 watts of fan-assisted ceramic heat and 2400 watts when the two technologies are used simultaneously.

This translates to instant, cost-efficient intense heat for those chilly winter evenings, or constant subdued heat to maintain a comfortable temperature and low wattage gentle heat when you simply want to take the chill off the air at minimal expense.

An added benefit of the Eurolux RC241 is that, although a good heating option for main living areas, it can also be picked up and carried to other rooms or even the holiday home when needed.

The Eurolux RC241 is available nationally from electrical retail outlets and appliance specialists.