Omega Appliances’  collection of six microwave ovens offers both a compact 25 litre capacity, suitable for singles and couples, and a generous 30 litre option, for families and entertainers, in a choice of three options microwave only, microwave with grill and microwave with grill and convection oven.

The latter option obviously renders any other form of oven superfluous as the one appliance, in 25 and 30 litre capacities, provides all cooking methods microwaving, grilling and convection (or fan-assisted) baking separately and sequentially.

The OM301CX is the 30 litre model with 900 watts of power, five power settings and 14 temperatures. The grill has a 1200 watt element and the convection oven has 1350 watts of power. Other convenience factors are a 90 minute digital timer and six automatic menu settings.

Next in the 30 litre models is the OM301GX microwave oven with grill, 60-minute timer, two grill power settings and two combination grill power settings and then the OM301X dedicated microwave oven with five microwave power settings.

Flagship of the 25 litre models is the OM250CX with 900 watt grill and 1350 watt convection oven. The appliance features 90 minute digital timer, five temperature settings and three combination microwave/grill/convection settings.

The OM250GX has a 1200 watt quartz grill with two grill and two combination power settings and 60 minute digital timer. The OM250X meanwhile, is a dedicated 900 watt microwave with five power settings and a 60-minute digital timer.

All six microwave ovens in this range feature stainless steel interiors and exteriors, child safety lock and end-cooking signal.