Available in design-savvy options such as Omega Appliances ’ Luxury Towers and the more compact and unobtrusive OCT18MO model, these ceramic heaters are lightweight but highly efficient at providing low-cost, instant heat.

According to Omega Appliances, the advanced technology of ceramic heating produces more heat when a room is cold and less as the temperature increases. This ensures the occupants of the room remain comfortably warm while the system is efficiently regulating heat output.

The technology used in the ceramic heaters utilises fluted heat chambers with ceramic insulation that produces a fast, energy efficient method of heat distribution. Its ability to gauge the exact amount of power required to maintain the chosen temperature results in significant energy savings compared to typical fans, radiant or convection heaters.

The Omega Luxury Tower (OCT21RI) ceramic heaters are three seasonal appliances in one, combining heating, cooling fan and ionizing air purifier in a single product.

Standing 1355mm high, Omega Luxury Tower ceramic heaters have slim, streamlined proportions that enhance the distribution of warm air currents or cooling breezes depending on the time of year.

The 2000W ceramic heating and 40W cooling elements work independently of each other and are operated by a sleek LCD panel or convenient remote control.

An electric thermostat delivers intelligent climate control and the in-built ionizer, for optional use, helps purify the air in the room.

There are two heat settings for winter and four fan, or wind, settings for the warmer months.

Luxury Tower ceramic heaters are compact and feature a 12 hour timer with on/off pre set timer function, soft touch electronic controls, and cleanable filters.

OCT20E ceramic tower heaters are smaller models featuring a 2000W heating element, two heat settings plus fan and oscillation mode and active carbon filters for greater air purification.

The electronic controls are enhanced by an on/off foot control and an eight hour timer and a safety tilt switch and thermal cut off sensors offer peace of mind.

Omega OCT18MO ceramic heaters deliver convenient features such as 90 oscillation for even heat distribution, adjustable thermostat for the 1800W element and manual controls for simple operation.