The range of Easy Logic laundry products has been introduced by Omega Appliances . The laundry appliances include two condenser washer dryers that contribute to individual planetary responsibilities. Each laundry appliance is a front load washing machine and tumble dryer in one, yet a full 8kg load can be washed in about half the water used in many top loading machines.

The OWD8000WA washer dryers feature automatic sensing technology called Easy Logic that automatically decreases wash time, water and power consumption in accordance with the amount of clothing or bedding in the drum. The washer of the laundry appliance can manage a full 8kg dry weight load and the condenser dryer can manage the equivalent of a 4kg dry weight load.

The OWD6000WA is identical in features and aesthetics to the OWD8000WA washer dryer and can manage a 6kg dry weight load and a 3kg load for the dryer.

Both laundry appliances have 16 wash programmes and all wash options are thoroughly covered, especially with seven different wash temperatures (from cold to 90C), five spin speeds (including no spin) plus four different delay start selections. Options such as prewash, intense wash and extra rinse are also featured.

Environmental credentials for the OWD8000WA include a 4 star energy rating and a 4.5 star water efficiency rating.

In independent tests the Omega OWD8000WA condenser dryer has proven to use just 67 litres of water for a full 8kg dry weight load on a 40C wash temperature and 1200rpm spin cycle. In comparison, top load washers can use up to 70 per cent more water per load for an equivalent capacity appliance (the equivalent of 36,000 litres a year for a typical household).

Pre-programming options with delay-start timer are additional convenience factors included with Omega washer condensers. For example, this function will enable the user to leave a load of washing in the drum before leaving for work and come home to a freshly washed and dried load.

Unlike conventional tumble dryers, condenser dryers do not need venting when installed in an enclosed room as they produce no external condensation.

The Omega condenser washer dryers are available nationally from selected department stores, electrical retailers and appliance specialists.