Advance Scaffold is one of only two companies worldwide to manufacture fibreglass mobile scaffold towers, which combine affordability with safety to offer a viable alternative to aluminium.

As fibreglass is inert with no conductivity to electricity or reaction to chemicals, fibreglass mobile scaffold is the right scaffold for preventing electrocution when used in environments such as computer rooms and substations.

Advance Scaffold’s fibreglass scaffold is simple to erect as every frame can be used as a base frame, building frame or guard rail frame.

This scaffold is very light weight, can be erected in minutes and is easily transported via smal truck or trailer.

The key features and benefits of fibreglass mobile scaffold towers, in summary, are as follows:

  • corrosion resistant
  • every frame can be used as base, building or guard-rail frame
  • light weight
  • inert
  • electrically safe.
Ideal applications for Advance Scaffold's fibreglass scaffold towers include:
  • aircraft mines
  • electricity substations
  • railway stations
  • computer rooms
  • foundries
  • building sites
  • battery rooms
  • chemical environments.