Old World Tiles  offers a range of handmade and hand painted Mexican tiles.

Designed as individual artworks, these ceramic tiles are colourful as well as fun and have the ability to completely change the mood of any area.

Mexican tiles are cheerful and vibrant without being overpowering due to the careful use of colours found in nature.

Mediterranean Blue, Nature’s Green, Desert Sand and Mexican White are just some of the earthy colours borrowed many centuries ago by the original artisans of Mexican tiles.

The methods and motifs used so long ago to create this type of art are still followed today.

Mexican tiles and their predecessors, Spanish tiles are used throughout the world but are more common in Central and South America, North America (in particular the Californian coast), Spain, Portugal as well as other parts of Europe.

Old World Tiles stocks over 60 different designs in the most common 105mm x 105mm size. Other sizes can be supplied on request.

Old World Tiles’ ceramic Mexican wall tiles are ideal for splashbacks, bathrooms, living rooms, hearths, floor accents, fountains and outdoor kitchens among other applications.

No two tiles are exactly the same and this is the reason Mexican tiles create such a brilliant and vibrant surrounding.

Because they are handmade, they are not static or one-dimensional. The finished appearance of a Mexican tile application is alive with colour, texture and depth.