Odour Vac Ventilation Systems  provides an effective bathroom ventilation solution which drains odour from toilets and bathrooms as soon as they are used. Odour Vac Ventilation Systems was established by Glenn Dowsett, who has about 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry. High quality bathroom and toilet system products are manufactured by Odour Vac Ventilation Systems.

Unlike a normal conventional exhaust fans that operate for a long time to ensure all the steam and odours are extracted, Odour Vac ventilation system operates only when the toilet or the bathroom is in use.

The ventilation system can be placed in the ceiling space and it functions by using close coupled cisterns. It also works with in wall cisterns and water wafers. As with the electric requirements, all Odour Vac Ventilation Systems' fans are provided with a three pin plug and are wired based on customer's preference.

Ventilation systems from Odour Vac Ventilation Systems are widely used in commercial, domestic, industrial and residential sectors. They provide a breath of fresh air in toilets and bathrooms.