Octanorm Australia has introduced an innovative and lightweight range of soft signage tensioning systems to its range of display equipment for the exhibition, shopfitting and signage industries.  

Profil TS signage tensioning systems enable banners and textile displays to be stretched and constructed without the need for additional tools or stitching. The Profil TS is suitable for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor advertising and display applications.  

According to Stephen Dorrofield, Business Manager, Octanorm Australia, Profil TS signage tensioning systems are patented solutions backed by years of research and innovation, and helping to revolutionise the way soft signage and displays are designed and created.  

A key advantage of Profil TS signage tensioning systems is that signage installation is easier, faster and economical than ever before because material is simply stretched out and held in place by PVC grip rails. 

Key features of Profil TS signage tensioning systems: 

  • Leaves no creasing or folds on banners or displays 
  • Highly resistant to tearing, reducing the risk and cost of replacement 
  • Also ideal for creating double sided partitions, offering a more aesthetically appealing option 
  • Suitable for large format signs and display systems with media between 200gsm and 500gsm 
  • Compatible with a wide range of flexible media including PVC, mesh, canvas as well as frontlit and backlit banner materials 
Mr Dorrofield adds that the tensioning systems are also compatible with a variety of textiles available from HVG Graphics Media. 

Octanorm Australia is now stocking eight different profiles plus accessories from the Profil TS range at its offices and warehouses throughout Australia. Octanorm Australian is the exclusive distributor of the Profil TS range in Australia.