Ocean & Merchant  supplies traditional Mexican clay products. It is colourful and simple which gives an appealing look and also each design narrates a story. It is available in vivid colours and in varied shapes and sizes. It comes in various finishes such as gentle whites, milks and creams.

Ceramics offered by Ocean & Merchant is available in different types such as brothers and sisters, classica, dream, glamour, Mexican tozettos and many others. Brothers and sisters are rectangular in shape having craquelle finish and provided in various colours like cornsilk, gainsboro, olive, snow and honey dew. These wall tiles ensures the non staining of surface. Classica comprises of traditional handmade wall tiles which are available in white and cream colours and has a gloss finish. It is found to have a loose format accompanied by mesh backing.

Dream range of ceramic tiles provided by Ocean & Merchant are available in European pastel colours which is suited for any wall, floor and décor. It has gloss, matt finishes. Glamour series represent sophisticated Italian tiles having three different finishes such as floor-matt finish, wall- flat gloss finish and an intense wave finish.
Mexican Tozettos series of ceramic tiles are both handmade as well as handpainted tiles available in various colours like white , cream, black, olive, blue, green and many more. It has handpainted and glazed finishes.