Whether it is an architect checking designs or an engineer printing out work drawings, it is imperative that the drawings are ready to go – that means no time being wasted to collect, trim and fold.

With the new online fanfold for the Océ TCS500 wide format colour multifunctional system from Océ – Australia , users can pick up their colour and monochrome drawings immediately fan folded from the printer.

Working through a set of fan folded documents is like turning pages in a book, so much simpler than handling flat large documents.

The Océ TCS500 fanfold unit offers convenient folding. It creates the first fold automatically and then delivers the fan folded package in a catch bin at the back. If a cross fold is required, the user can then manually feed the fan folded package on the bridge of the folder.

Supporting the Océ simple operation principles, the Océ TCS500 fanfold offers 8 folding programmes on the operator panel. The LCD display shows parameters for the selected folding programmes, simplifying settings and ensuring that even walk up users are able to man the equipment.

There is a notifying start folding symbol that flashes once the print engine has cut the paper and the folder switches to running continuously. In addition, the fanfold can be synchronised with the print speed for a continuous workflow.

Furthermore, users can select the fanfold option for their output within their application, using the Océ TCS500 driver or their Print Exec Workgroups job submission tool.