The award winning Océ TCS4 Colour Scanner, available from Océ – Australia , now offers the ability to copy to multiple monochrome and colour printers (up to five).

The user is able to select the wide format printer of choice - the Océ TDS450 or Océ TDS700 for black and white copy or a full colour copy on the Océ TCS500 wide format printer.

The printer names can be customised (up to 12 characters) for easy differentiation (i.e. WF colour Level1).

The difference with the Océ product offering is the green button approach, as users can make seamless copies without the need to fine tune settings through the software application each time.
In addition, Océ – Australia offer a range of transformation settings and templates.

For a customer with volumes that require printing and copying to multiple printing devices, Océ TCS4 Colour Scanner is suitable.