The Océ CS231, Océ CS240 and Océ CS250 small format printers from Océ – Australia have won the Buyers Laboratory Spring 2008 Picks.

These office printers have been recognised as “Outstanding Segment 4 Business Colour Multifunctional Printers” in the 41- to 50-ppm, 51- to 60-ppm and 61- to 69-ppm speed ranges, respectively.

“From multitasking to scanning, these three units are dependable multifunctional printers for business colour customers, general office use and colour environments,” said George Mikolay, Senior Associate Editor, BLI.

According to Pete Emory, Manager of Laboratory Testing at BLI: "Reliability was admirable for all three models, and each displayed very good overall image quality and ease of use.

“The feature sets are also strong, as the CS231 and CS240 offer standard paper capacities that are among the highest for the group. They also incorporate a saddle-stitch finisher that can create up to 80-page booklets.

“All three devices can also accommodate heavier paperweights than most business colour models in their respective speed ranges.

“Taking into account these factors, as well as excellent overall value for each device, with lower cost per page – it is clear why these products are Picks.”

"Colour has really become desirable in office environments" says Damian Schaller, Product Manager at Océ-Australia for the Océ CS231/240/250.

"It adds interest and focus to documents, and can actually help people absorb messages more quickly and retain them longer. Océ is very pleased with the results of the tests performed by BLI on our devices.”

“It underlines Océ's on-going commitment to deliver printing and document management solutions that take our customers beyond the ordinary," says Damian Schaller.