With Oce Education Services, employees learn the ins and outs of the new document workflow solution. Your organisation will benefit from employees being aware of all features, having acquired the knowledge to create new printing applications, shorten the learning curve and assure a quick return on investment in the new document solution.  

Océ Education Services enable customers to maximise the profit they can gain from the new document system. In short the benefits are:  

Improved productivity

Knowledge on the operation of the system makes employees confident in using the system in the way they are supposed to.  

Quicker return on investment

Shortened learning curves and elimination of time consuming trial-and-error handling will speed up the document system utilisation rate.  

Long-term cost savings

Low-cost maintenance through skilled support staff will save money on extra service visits, and save on click charges due to reduced wastage.  

Empowerment of staff

Trained employees have no fear of suggesting improvements on the document system.  


Knowledge of the document system allows users to easily adopt new document flows and processes.