Statistics show one out of every three employees work in a place, which is making them sick.

Due to lost time from sick leave and general lethargy, billions of dollars are lost in productivity each year. Therefore, it is imperative to review current printing and copying practices, as well as ventilation, in your workplace.

Since printers, scanners and copiers are an essential part of virtually every working environment, it is imperative that they operate as cleanly and quietly as possible.

Océ Technical Document System (TDS) wide format machines, allow an office to be more productive, while sustaining the environment.

Oce - Australia  is committed to environmentally friendly practices, like extending the life of consumables and eliminating the use of specific hazardous materials.

Océ - Australia considers the ecological impact, of its machines, throughout the entire product life cycle.

Océ - Australia’s dedication to the environment is highlighted by its continuous effort to reduce waste during the manufacturing process through reuse and recycling, to diminish emissions of organic solvent and decrease paper consumption during testing (now reduced by 90%).

Therefore, Océ – Australia’s products and services add value to the document processes in a way that minimises environmental impact.