O’Briens Automatic Systems ’ ZoneGuard manual boom gates are ideal for the easy control of driveways up to 5m. 

ZoneGuard manually operated boom gates are simple to use due to an inbuilt counter balance spring and an easy to use handle. The manual boom gates are supplied in two easy to handle pieces. Minimal effort is needed to move the manual boom gates from open to closed and they can be locked in the open and closed positions using a padlock.
ZoneGuard manual boom gates provide the ideal solution for those looking for a budget solution to restrict vehicle and pedestrian access to certain areas of a site. ZoneGuard manual boom gates are suitable for direct mounting to a structural column, or can be floor mounted using the optional mounting post assembly.
The manual boom gates are supplied with a 5 metre boom arm length as standard, while other boom arm lengths up to 5 metres can be manufactured to order.

Features of ZoneGuard boom gates include:

  • All steel components zinc plated for superior corrosion resistance 
  • Ball-bearing shaft for smooth, silent operation 
  • “Breakaway” bolts to avoid mechanism damage in the event of vandalism 
  • Class 2 reflective striping fitted to both the post and the boom arm 
  • Fully counter balanced for ease of use 
  • Spring-loaded positive locking mechanism at both ends of travel 
  • Soft stops at both ends of travel