According to OBriens Automatic Systems , we are in a climate where the safety of our workers is of the utmost importance. This duty of care also extends to members of the public walking past your building site.  With cars and trucks entering and leaving building sites and overhead cranes unloading trucks, building sites can be a dangerous place for pedestrians.

One way of making this hazardous area safer is to use boom gates to control the flow of pedestrians. Using a boom gate with a flashing light will bring the pedestrians attention to the potential hazards and when the boom is down, it will effectively prevent the pedestrians entering these zones.  

Boom gates for this application need to be configured in a very precise way to protect people from the boom gate as well as the dangers from vehicles and cranes.

A sample boom gate configuration would be:

  • Integrated flashing light and sounder to warn pedestrians the boom gate is about to close.
  • Integrated photoelectric beam to prevent the boom arm closing on a person.
  • Integrated adjustable automatic reverse function. This will ensure if the boom arm does come into contact with a pedestrian that it will reverse immediately.
  • Remote control to raise and lower the boom gate. This mean the operator has complete control over the operation of the boom gate.
This economical boom gate system can be provided in an assembled, easy to install configuration, which can be unplugged and unbolted and moved to the next building site with a minimum of fuss.