The area surrounding checkouts is often very busy, and this is something shoplifters take advantage of. Wanzl checkout barriers, supplied by O’Briens Automatic Systems , are designed to help prevent shoplifters leaving the supermarket through unsecured aisles.

Clear signals and reliable barriers control the flow of customers and assist with theft prevention. Wanzl checkout barriers can be mounted on a pole or directly to the checkout. Wanzl checkout barriers are available in widths from 500 to 750 mm or 600 to 950 mm.

After releasing the lock, Wanzl checkout barriers can be opened in both directions and locked in the 90° position.

Wanzl checkout barriers are constructed from a strong, polished steel tube with a chrome finish. The information sign is made of plastic, and has a “no entrance” symbol printed on both sides. The lock is integrated into the plastic housing.