Available now from OBriens Automatic Systems , the ATA TrioCode PTX-2 weather resistant remote control overcomes transmitter jam outs with its tri-frequency technology.

As more and more devices around the home become wireless and cordless, electronic interference jamming out door and gate transmitters is becoming a more familiar occurrence. Thanks to new technology however, the TriCode PTX-2 weather resistant remote control overcomes this challenge. It simultaneously transmits on three different frequencies, so even if two are jammed, the TrioCode remote control will still transmit a signal.

Furthermore, TrioCode weatherproof remote controls also use a random coding system with 4.29 billion possibilities for enhanced security.

Aside from this TrioCode technology, these sleek remote controls are also splash resistant for all those times when the user may be caught out in a sudden shower or accidentally sprayed with a garden hose. There is no longer any need for concern for the automatic gate or door remote control in these situations, the TrioCode PTX-2 weather resistant remote control will continue to operate first time, every time.