The affordable range of Qik Boom Gates, available from OBriens Automatic Systems , are available in innovative shapes I conjunction with safety features. These gates incorporate features such as soft edges, rounded corners, high performance and suitability for any type of installation environment. The Qik Boom Gates function as automatic barriers.

Qik Boom Gates provide safe access control of medium to high transit environments such as hotels, banks, shopping centres, residential complexes, commercial premises and camp sites, which require access control of car parking areas to ensure the access by only authorised people.

The wide range of lengths and accessories available ensure that all installation requirements are met. Several other features include:

  • Easy manual release function
  • Optional alarm lights for additional safety
  • Optional pre warning sounder
  • Designed for intensive use
The manufacturer of the QIK Boom Gates, DITEC, has been well represented in Australian for many years and all of the equipment carries the CE Mark.