The WT-009 system, now available from O'Briens Automatic Systems , allows users to remotely control gates and garage doors using their existing mobile phone.

Being a remote access system, this even allows users to grant access to visitors and workmen while away.

To operate the system, the user speed dials a secure telephone number which identifies them as an authorised user, at which point the gates/doors are opened.

As these calls are rejected once authorised, there are no call costs associated with the system, making it both convenient and cost effective.

Further, WT-009 systems are more secure than traditional remote controls as it is much more difficult to clone a mobile phone than it is a standard remote. Users can even add or remove authorised numbers from the system via SMS.

WT-009 wireless gate openers will fit any new or existing installation, making them ideal for areas such as:

  • domestic gated communities
  • businesses
  • clubs
  • public car parks
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • factories; and
  • villas.