To complement their range of sliding and swing gates OBriens Automatic Systems also have a complete range of boom gates. The Michelangelo 8m Boom Gate is one of the more popular gates with installers.

Boom gates are an ideal way to economically control the flow of traffic to and from your property. The Michelangelo gate is 24V making it compatible for battery backup. Its electronics are also easily accessible which means trouble free installation and servicing.

These boom gates have a number of useful features. Electronic adjustment of the limit switches has been incorporated into their design and the new position of the control panel means it can be operated in a vertical position.

The sturdy structure of the Michelangelo guarantees greater reliability of usage as well as protection from vandals. The blinker and the photocell support can be integrated into the frame if required by the customer as can lights into the boom itself.

The Michelangelo 8m boom gate has been rated for intensive traffic usage and has a fast opening and closing time of eight seconds. Boom gates can be fitted with a wide range of accessories to make your entrance both safe and user friendly. These include:

  • Boom fencing
  • Moveable and fixed boom arm rests
  • Integrated LED flashing lights