Having the right access control equipment will allow an automatic door, gate or turnstile equipment to allow access only to authorised persons. Every automation system must be complete with command, control and safety devices compatible with all system components and standards. The GOL4 wireless keypad, available from OBriens Automatic Systems , can be installed within 20m of the equipment. The GOL4 wireless keypad offers an economical, easy to install solution that provides access without the need for cabling.

Following are the features of the GOL4 wireless keypad:

  • 433MHz ’rolling code’’ radio transmitter compatible with current radio receivers of the Ditec Bix series.
  • The four-channel control keyboard permits opening motorised entrances through radio by keying in secret codes.
  • It features an internal battery, does not require a power supply line and can therefore be easily positioned anywhere, within its range of operation; controls up to 4 different utilities with up to 8-figure code.

DITEC automations are designed and made in conformity with the safety requirements of Machine Directive (98/37/EEC), Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (89/336EEC) and Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC).